Bear Country Lodge Testimonials

Date of Stay: August 2012
Posted On: 1/14/13 by Richard P.
The modern day definition of a Blue Moon is when there are 2 full moons in one month. A full moon occurs roughly every 29.5 days and on the rare occasions when the full moon falls at the very beginning of a month there is a good chance a Blue Moon will occur at the end of the month. According to this definition a Blue Moon occurred on August 31st, 2012, the week that our family stayed at the Bear Country Lodge in Stony Creek, NY and it was by far the most relaxing vacation that we had ever experienced together as a family. Read More…

The Lodge is nestled smack dab in the middle of the Adirondack Mountains in Stony Creek, NY, resting on the shore of a pristine crystal clear spring fed fresh water lake, Harrisburg Lake. Our Swiss chalet style accommodations consisted of 2 large private bedrooms with queen beds, and a third bedroom with 2 twin beds, all in the beautiful Adirondack rustic great camp knotty pine style, large open concept style living and dining area, a well-appointed kitchen with all pots and pans, utensils, new appliances, and all immaculately clean and tidy. There was also a nice wood stove, a new HD TV, a New DVD player ,great Wi-Fi connection, and a large collection of DVD’s and board games to choose from. Canoes, kayaks, and pedal boats were available to tour the lake, which we did to investigate a couple of beaver dams, besides spying a group of lounging turtles, and yes, we even got to see a Black Bear taking a stroll on one of the nearby secluded country roads. Our kids had a ball, even when we stayed inside and played board games and just got reacquainted again as a family. Grampa even had a chance to teach his grandchildren how to fish, and Man can those kids swim ! This was a “Once in a Blue Moon vacation” for sure. Owner Diane was gracious, kind, and attentive to our every need during our stay at Bear Country Lodge, making certain that we had ample wood for our fire pit and every other basic need that we had as a Large family of 4 adults and 3 small children. Once the children were safely tucked away in bed, my parents my husband and I would sit around the camp fire exchanging stories about family and friends as the spectacular Blue Moon competed with the beauty of the stars, the crisp mountain air, and the crackling attention of the warm and inviting fire for many glorious Adirondack nights. Afterwards the night creatures, sounds of the Loons and Hoot owls and crickets joined the party with their various songs and lulled us to sleep. The main Lodge itself is absolutely gorgeous, in Adirondack style, with finely appointed rooms, and a sauna. Diane, thank you for helping our family to have one of the most outstanding and memorable vacations that we have ever experienced because of your attention to detail, your hard work, your love for people, your love for the Adirondacks, and for following your dreams. We had a wonderful time visiting Bear Country Lodge and hope we can visit you again soon. I hope we can make some more memories with or without the “Blue Moon” because we hope that “Once in a Blue Moon” is only a metaphor. Richard, Kathryn, Karen, Dan, Ethan, Colin, and Madeline.
Owner’s Response
I just loved having you guys as my guests. Upon your arrival when You first walked into the main Lodge I had great feelings about all of you and felt we had an immediate connection. I was playing “The Sound of Music” and you said you had chills because you had commented before you arrived about how Bear Country Lodge reminded you of the “Sound of Music” with its beautiful mountains, connection to nature, and spirituality. To see all of you connect as a family, fishing together, swimming in the lake, boating, sitting by the campfire at night, the sound of your laughter was a beautiful thing. When I get to see this, to experience this, I see God’s work in progress and that is beautiful thing. I can not wait to see all of you again. Thank you so much. Much Love, Diane
Date of Stay: October 2012
Posted On: 1/11/13 by Keith L.
We honeymooned in God’s Country all the way from Alberta, Canada Like most newlyweds, we were looking for the perfect place to relax and connect on our honeymoon. We wanted to visit upper New York and the New England states to enjoy the scenic fall colors and fresh country/mountain air. Not being from the area it was challenging to know which place to pick. After viewing numerous places online, Bear Country Lodge seemed to offer exactly what we wanted so we booked it. Read More…

And yes, an absolutely amazing chalet style cabin in a very quiet country/mountain setting greeted us.! We spent three days at the beginning of our honeymoon enjoying serenity, home cooked meals, a cozy woodstove, , privacy and more. Diane was an amazing hostess and we thoroughly enjoyed our visits with her in the main lodge. She was very helpful and definitely went above and beyond! Our cabin was well decorated, had great kitchen appointments and the beds were clean and comfortable. We would definitely recommend Bear Country Lodge if you are looking for a peaceful country/mountain vacation (or honeymoon!) We are happy that we chose to stay there! We came all the way from Alberta , Canada and if we go east again we would love to come and stay again. Keith and Jenn.
Owner’s Response
Dear Keith and Jenn, I was so excited and honored that out of all the places you could have chosen and coming all the way from Alberta, Canada that you decided to choose Bear Country Lodge. And… especially for such a momentous occasion as your honeymoon. Thank you. I shared with you that I spent my own honeymoon here back in 1979 and that I had met my husband on October 13th, so this gave me goose bumps when you called and booked for those dates. Read More…

It was such a pleasure to have you as my guests, lovely, soft spoken, kind, nature loving, God loving people. Thank you for all of your lovely accolades in regards to my Native American/Adirondack theme, furnishings and decorations. I try to make my guests feel as comfortable as possible and really want them to experience the “Great Adirondack Camp Feeling” by decorating with Adirondack rustic furniture, Original Hudson Bay Blankets, Native American rugs, Native American Flute music, Vintage snowshoes, and various nostalgic accoutrements. I love it when my guests “get it” and understand what “Bear Country Lodge” is all about, it is not just a place to stay it is about reconnecting with nature and our roots, trully feeling and appreciating the history of the Adirondacks, the Algonquin and Iroquois indians, hearing the coyotes and hoot owls at night, stargazing on a crystal clear night, breathing in the crisp mountain air and most importantly unplugging from our hi tech world and reconnecting with each other. It warmed my heart to see the two of you out walking down to the lake, hand in hand, arm in arm, contemplating your future life together. I hope you have a wonderful long marriage and that I will see you again whenever you can make the trip. Blessings to both of you. Love, Diane.
Date of Stay: October 2012
Posted On: 1/10/13 by Lea A.
We vacationed at Bear Country Lodge and had a memorable autumn weekend last October 2012. The owner, Diane was very nice and even gave us a heads up on the way to the lodge so that we would take the scenic drive, which was magnificent. The chalet was very cozy.! We are a family of seven, (5 grown kids, my husband and myself), we had plenty of room in the chalet, were quite comfortable and had a grand time. Read More…

At night we had great fun playing Monopoly and board games with the family. Diane had amply provided an array of all types of board games and we also watched movies that Diane provided from the main lodge. During the day we went fishing and Diane pointed out where the good spots were. On his first try, my son, Justin was very excited to catch a huge bass weighing over 2 pound and a Pickerel fish. On our second day, the kids and my husband caught more Pickerel all of which were not less than a foot long each! The kids did not want to leave yet, but unfortunately , work back in New Jersey was waiting for us. So upon arriving home, we grilled the Bass and Pickerel for dinner and boy! they tasted so good.!!!! Our time spent at Bear Country Lodge was everything we thought it would be. It was fun reconnecting with nature, having QUALITY TIME WITH OUR KIDS and at the same time building unforgettable memories. We are back to our routine but every time we see our pictures on the wall taken of our experience at Bear Country Lodge, it TUGS AT OUR HEARTS remembering the good times we had and hoping we can go back again real soon. To Diane, a million thanks and more power for having such a wonderful place to share with others.! At this time and in this world these are the kind of places worth visiting. We are grateful for you hospitality and hope to see you again in the near future.
Owner’s Response
What a treat to have your family as my guests. From the minute you arrived you were nothing but a pleasure. I so much enjoyed seeing such a loving family. I would drive by on my golfcart at night and could see all of you sitting at the dining room table playing Monopoly with such great excitement. Watching Jessy so totally relaxed sitting in front of the fire. Watching all of you as a family taking walks down to the lake, enjoying nature, laughing with each other. Read More…

And the night you came to the lodge at about 9:00 banging on the door with such excitement to show me the Huge Bass that Justin had caught really made my night. The boys had been frustrated that they were not catching anything and I told them a good spot and a good spot it was. I will post the prize photo on my website. This is my whole goal at Bear Country Lodge …to see families come together, communicate, reconnect with each other, and enjoy nature and all of God’s great outdoors. To Love one another is a beautiful thing. Your are forever welcome at my resort. Love, Diane.
Date of Stay: October 2012
Posted On: 1/1/13 by Tim O.
Bear Country Lodge, Adirondacks, New York I just returned home from a trip of a lifetime. Do you believe in Karma I didn’t before but I do now Along about my 50th birthday, and a lifelong resident of the southern Appalachians, I begin to look around at some of the other mountain ranges throughout the lower-48 to include on my bucket-list. After a day of research, I determined that New York Adirondacks were to be my first destination. Read More…

Being both active and social, I wanted my get-away spot to be remote & private but also within a reasonable drive to a variety of restaurants, retail shops, and regional points-of-interest. And another must, my lodging needed to be sparkling clean, totally non-smoking, and well-appointed. Well, I found the place! and I cannot wait to go back for my second stay. Bear Country Lodge in Stony Creek (Warren County), New York not only met, but far exceeded all of my wishes for a truly special Adirondack vacation. Nestled alongside Harrisburg Lake, we were able to step just outside our chalet and immediately bike, hike, canoe, & kayak. The main lodge provides a variety of outdoor equipment, not to mention a luxurious sauna. The site-built cabins (cabin is almost too rustic a description for these little mountain-chic cottages) are spacious and offer all the amenities of home. The entire grounds harken back to their early 20th century designation as a working dude-ranch, attracting thousands of visitors escaping the bustle & pace of the big east-coast cities. We spent hour upon hour on the lake, biking the quiet country roads, and hiking through the pristine, surrounding forests. During our stay, and for some variety, we took a day off from nature and drove into Lake George for a bite of local fare and a walk around the historic village. We certainly enjoyed the proximity of Bear Country Lodge to surrounding attractions & events, but our moments spent in-&-around the Lodge are what today still linger in my mind. The star-lit nights, the lakeside campfires, the brisk pine-scented air, and the purest water I have ever tasted I can remember them all like it was yesterday. There is an old saying, Even an old, blind bear stumbles upon an acorn every now & then. Well, this grateful traveler certainly stumbled upon a gem when he landed at Bear Country. It was almost like the lodge and cabins had been long but patiently awaiting my eventual arrival. They knew I would come – It was just up to me to find them. OK, Bear Country, until next time.
Owner’s Response
It is always a pleasure to have guests that are such nature lovers. I really enjoyed seeing you swimming in our crystal clear spring fed Harrisburg Lake, out kayaking early in the morning, birding, sitting by the campfire, star gazing, biking the country roads and enjoying all the Adirondacks Mountains has to offer. This is what Bear Country Lodge is all about, getting away from the rat race, unplugging and getting back to nature. You were wonderful respectful guests, I really enjoyed your company, and you left the chalet so nice and clean. I await your return this summer. Thank you so much for choosing Bear Country Lodge.
Date of Stay: August 2012
Posted On: 9/13/12 by M.A. M.
After the recent passing of my Father, I felt the need to whisk my Mother to a special place for a few days to take her mind off of things. This was the perfect place, as she was born and raised in a similar environment. This not only brought back childhood memories for her, but created new ones as well. We were pleasantly surprised upon entereing our cabin, as it was clean, well appointed, and had that instant welcoming feeling. Read More…

Diane was a gracious host, and made sure we had everything that we needed. It got very chilly one night, and she delivered extra blankets, and an electric fireplace, even though our chalet had a wood stove for our usage. My 15 year old son & I enjoyed our time on the lake, and we throughouly enjoyed listening to our echo’s as we whistled to the resident loons. There is nothing more peaceful than the call of the loon! Once you arrive at Harrisburg Lake, you’re stress and worries all disappear. Great spot for winding down, soul searching, and getting rid of the stress! I highly recommend, and hope to return again soon. Thanks again Diane ~ it was a pleasure staying at Bear Country Lodge!
Owner’s Response
Thank you so much for your review. So nice to see such closeness in a family. I hope this stay helped your Mom, you and Spence in your grieving process. I really enjoyed your company and especially joking spence about his horseback riding experience…Watershoes. Your Mom is as sweet as peaches and creme, and you follow in her footsteps. Diane
Date of Stay: August 2012
Posted On: 9/13/12 by E S.
Every once in a while, you find a place so unique and superb, you wonder why it took so long to discover. Bear Country Lodge is most certainly one of those places. From the moment we arrived, we had a feeling it was going to be a great vacation destination. By the time our vacation was over, we knew wed found a gem in the Adirondacks. D., the owner, greeted us warmly, helped us to settle into our accommodations, and familiarized us with the property and all it had to offer. Read More…

D. made us feel like family throughout our stay, delivering a level of personal attention to the comfort of her guests that’s too seldom found. The lodge and chalets were tastefully decorated in Adirondack and Native American style. The accommodations were charming, comfortable, clean, and left nothing to want; we felt right at home. The mattresses were new, linens soft and cozy, the kitchen well appointed and spacious, and did we mention clean? We have been renting vacation properties for quite a few years now, and this was the cleanest we’ve ever encountered. Our personal campfire was match-ready every evening, just right for toasting marshmallows, good company, and the perfect Adirondack experience. The Harrisburg Lake and surrounding area were magnificent: clear, amber water for brisk swims; fresh air with a scent of balsam and pine; great places to hike, kayak, and canoe; the peaceful and relaxing sound of wind in the evergreens. Lake George, Lake Placid, and the high peaks region were within a reasonable distance and had plenty to do and see. We made several day trips, but in the end found ourselves content just to stay at Bear Country Lodge and enjoy all it had to offer.
Owner’s Response
Thank you so much for your wonderful review. You were such wonderful guests and I feel like you are my extended family, which is my goal. I know I had a very busy week when you were here and regretted that I could not spend more time with you. I enjoyed your campfire and marshmallows, and chatting with your wonderful, well behaved, charming boys. Thank you also for leaving the chalet so clean. I am very happy that you were able to relax and find the peace and serenity that Nature offered you here at The Bear Country Lodge at Harrisburg lake, Stony Creek, You are forever welcomed here. I will be delighted when I hear from you again to tell me of your next visit. Diane
Date of Stay: August 2012
Posted On: 9/8/12 by Gene D.
We wanted to get away and relax. Bear Country Lodge exceeded our expectations. We were all inspired by hearing nothing when we stopped paddling on the lake. To hear echos from of our yells for several seconds moving across the mountains made us feel isolated but secure. We heard our first coyote call when we were making smores at the chalet fire pit. The condition of our lodge exceeded our expectations. Just bring food. The WIFI connection was top notch. The owner and her staff did everything to ensure our satisfaction. We can’t wait to get back up there so we can all relax again.
Owner’s Response
Thank you so much for visiting Bear Country Lodge. I am so glad that you were able to relax. This is our Goal, for you to relax and connect with nature and your family. You were wonderful guests and thank you so much for leaving everything so clean. Your children were a delight, so well mannered and such a ray of sunshine. I can’t wait to see you all again. I hope you will come and visit us again soon. Fondly, Diane
Date of Stay: August 2012
Posted On: 9/1/12 by Lynda S.
When people love what they do, it just shows in the details. That is Bear Country Lodge. From the moment we arrived, every effort was made to make sure we were more than comfortable. Our every need was anticipated. The lodge was perfect. My husband LOVED the sauna. We brought our son, daughter and grandchildren and everyone had a wonderful time. How wonderful to see the children playing in the lake, digging in sand and paddling around in the canoe and paddleboat. Read More…

And of course, roasting too many marshmallows! The chalets were super clean and included nearly anything you could think of. Plus new mattresses, pillows and linens! Our firepit was waiting for us filled with the makings of the evening’s fire each night and the stars were incredible. We look forward to returning and exploring the beautiful surroundings some more. Thank you for a wonderful week!
Owner’s Response
Thank you so much for the wonderful review, but you know it is very easy to extend such kindness and want to go the extra mile when your customers are such beautiful people. I just loved having you as my guests and so happy to see that your family enjoyed themselves. And… thank you for leaving the chalet so clean. I hope you will consider yourselves as my extended family and will visit us for years to come. The fall is beautiful here. Please keep in touch, you are just lovely people and were an absolute pleasure. Fondly, Diane
Date of Stay: August 2012
Posted On: 8/13/12 by Ron and Michelle B.
If you are looking for a place to unwind, this is it. Our stay at Bear Country Lodge was the perfect get away. Our chalet had been recently remodeled and had everything we needed. The owner and staff were so friendly and gracious, we felt like family. Greeted upon arrival by the call of the resident loons, the lake was crystal clear, and gorgeous. We were kayaking on the lake for ten minutes when a bald eagle flew overhead. Read More…

We have never seen so much wildlife up close. We went on a hike and saw a bear cub in the distance. The beach is perfect for swimming (the water was nice and warm) and was a great place to leave your canoe or kayak. There were things to do in the area, but we loved the Bear Country Lodge so much, we never left. We will definitely be back.
Owner’s Response
Thank you very much for choosing Bear Country Lodge, I hope to see you again real soon. Diane
Date of Stay: July 2012
Posted On: 8/4/12 by Claire B.
We spent a wonderful week here at the Bear Country Lodge with my family. The chalet was everything that we had expected and much more. It was so much nicer than staying in a hotel. The chalet was so cozy with an elegant rustic Adirondack theme. Everything was brand new, including refrigerator, stove, bathrooms, carpeting, mattress. We relaxed on the front deck in the Adirondack chairs, had campfires every night, sat under the stars, swam in the lake. Read More…

We brought our kayaks and paddled around the lake. Very quiet and relaxing. We could hear the loons on the lake. Lake George was a short scenic 30 minute drive away. Fun to go see, however nice to come back to our cozy quiet chalet. We also went to Thousand Acres Dude Ranch which was only 15 min away and went horseback riding, which was great fun.The accomodations were immaculate. Kitchen was fully equipped, pots, pan, dishes, glasses, and there was also a BBQ grill. The kids loved cooking hotdogs and marshmallows over the campfire. By the end of the week we felt so relaxed and did not want to leave. Can’t wait to go back, maybe in the Fall when the leaves are changing. Owner was very pleasant and accomodating. We felt like it was our home away from home. Lovely
Owner’s Response
Thank you so much for your wonderful review.
Date of Stay: August 2014
Posted On: August 24, 2014 David M.
Fantastic Vacation
We stayed at the Bear Country Lodge for our family vacation. On the curvy dead end road you drive in on I did have one thought- did I make a mistake? Then at the end of the curvy road you find this little oasis. The property is manicured and very well kept. Then we met Diane and you understand- she takes immense pride in everything thing she does and has very high standards. Read More…

The chalet was immaculate, the couch was just upgraded to a very nice leather sofa and the matching leather recliner is on its way. The amenities were very nice. The area down by the water was very nice with many options for boats to use. Our 3 boys loved the selection and the fishing as well. We mountain biked a great deal and found the roads and choices for riding lots of fun (Warrensburg, Lake George, Stoney Creek). Next time we may take Diane suggestion of going up to Gore mountain and riding our bikes on their trails. Great place- fires at night, Popsicles and a comfortable clean Chalet.
Owner response
I am so happy that you enjoyed your stay at Bear Country Lodge. Thank you for your appreciation of my property. I take great pride and have a true love for this beautiful property that I inherited from my Father. My goal, as was my Dad’s, is to make the guests happy, make them feel like family, like this is their home away from home. I enjoyed having you vacation with me. So beautiful to see such well behaved, polite, well mannered boys, with such a love of nature. You have done a great job. Thank you so much I hope to see you again soon. Diane
Date of Stay: June 2015
Posted On: June 28, 2015 Renee & family
Bear Country Lodge – the cure for nature deficit disorder
In the interest of full disclosure, I found the Bear Country Lodge because I searched VRBO for lake front properties with WiFi. But here’s the thing, we need connectivity, but we’d also like to feel disconnected from everyday life. The Bear Country Lodge provides that perfect hybrid of super comfy beds, a thoughtfully outfitted kitchen, great WiFi and a concierge-host in Diane Daly who is attentive without hovering all in an awe-inspiring natural setting. Read More…

Harrisburg Lake is pristine, incredibly beautiful and not crowded. There are multiple small islands that are host to wildflowers including many lily species. The water lilies on the lake are absolutely amazing—it’s like a page out of National Geographic. (There is also ample “open water” at a perfect temperature for swimming.) We really enjoyed the variety of watercraft available and were on the water every single day! The Lodge and its chalets are off the beaten path, but still close to regional attractions—easy to get to Lake George Village, Lake Champlain, and Lake Placid, but at the end of the day there is the calm of Harrisburg Lake. Without the light pollution you’d find in Lake George Village or similar towns, you can see the stars on a scale rarely seen. Like the great Adirondack Camps of the past, the lodge and the chalets are eclectic and reflect the travels of the host. The chalets are decorated with handwoven rugs and Hudson Bay wool blankets, antique rattan furniture from Taiwan, vintage snowshoes and fly fishing baskets, but with modern conveniences like new leather couches, the world’s most comfortable recliner (guaranteed to induce sleep) and a flat screen TV and DVD player. If you forget something, just ask and Diane will undoubtedly make every reasonable effort to accommodate. She is an incredibly gracious host. A must while in Stony Creek is the TRADING POST where you will find handmade totem art (totem poles) by master craftsman JOHNNY THORPE. A true cowboy, Mr. Thorpe is a fascinating individual, having spent decades as a fur trapper, treasure hunter and purveyor of goods. His prices are excellent and his goods diverse. His Native American carvings are featured prominently on the immaculate grounds at the Lodge. We all wholeheartedly enjoyed our time at Bear Country Lodge and recommend it highly. A unique property with a fascinating history and it’s clear that the Lodge is a labor of love—if only all in the hospitality industry were so hospitable!
Owner response:
Dear Renee and Family, It was an honor to have you stay as my guests at Bear Country Lodge. My Resort is all about reconnecting with nature and with each other and getting away from the high-tech world. My entire theme is “Immerse yourselves in nature… the world will wait…” and wait it did with your family because you really understood what Bear Country Lodge is all about and how I am trying to help people to relax. Read More…

I enjoyed watching your family swimming in crystal clear Harrisburg Lake, spending hours kayaking, enjoying the indigenous lily pads, flora and fauna, canoeing, paddle boarding, campfires at night, star watching and just relaxing. Yes, time stands still here. After a few days I could see the transformation in all of you taking place and serenity engaging you. I was thrilled that Jenny was able to join me for the wonderful Yoga class and hope she will be a future guest when I start my upcoming yoga retreats. Your family was able to disconnect and yes I understand that professionals like yourselves must still make yourselves available by the internet and that is why I provide the 5 bar WIFI. Thank you for all the accolades in regards to my chalet. I read and studied books about the Great Camps of the Adirondacks when deciding my decor and tried to recreate the rustic elegance of the time period. I enjoyed decorating the knotty pine chalets, collecting Native American artifacts from around the country, chose the fabric and had my curtains custom made, bought the best most comfortable Denali and Hudson Bay blankets, and searched years for the most vintage of snowshoes. My Father, on his worldly travels collected the beautiful antique rattan furniture from Taiwan and had it shipped to the US in 1975. I wanted to recreate the feeling of ” the Great Camps of the Adirondacks” reminiscent of the yesteryears. Thank you for showing such great respect for my belongings and leaving my chalet so clean. I really enjoyed all of our conversations, you are worldly fascinating people. I appreciate all of your compliments about my hospitality, I try very hard to please my guests but with guests like you, you make my job easy. I wish you all the best in your move to California. Happy you had the opportunity to meet my good friend famous Johnny Thorpe and buy his Totem carvings, and see a the Bear lazily crossing the road on the way. I hope our paths will cross again. Loved having you as my guests. I give YOU 5 *****stars. Many Thanks, D


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